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Smartsheet is a leading online task management platform operating on the cloud, developed by Smartsheet Company – USA (founded in 2006). Smartsheet makes it easy to collaborate across teams and departments, as well as accelerate decision making for entire projects in one place on the Dashboard. Manual and repetitive tasks are replaced with automated and streamlined digitized processes, saving hundreds of hours every year.

Scalable and secure, Smartsheet boasts enterprise-grade security measures, trusted by companies of all sizes – including over 90% of Fortune 100 companies and more than 80% of those in the Fortune 500 list.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, Smartsheet was recognized by the prestigious evaluation organization FORRESTER, placing Smartsheet in the Leader group of the rankings of collaborative work management tools .

Smartsheet can be seamlessly integrated throughout your organization, connecting with enterprise tools and applications such as Google, Microsoft, Atlassian, Salesforce, and many more.


Increase efficiency

Only Smartsheet gives you the flexible platform you need to drive performance, bringing your organization together across geographies and time zones. The Smartsheet platform is programming-free, allowing any user to easily design a solution that meets their unique needs – and adapt as needs evolve.

Eliminate silo

Smartsheet enables true collaboration and transparency, giving you real-time insights into the work being done by teams across the organization. Now everyone can see the value of their contributions, stay on task, and work together to achieve better results.

Speed up work

Smartsheet enables organizations to produce results faster and drive innovation by providing real-time visibility into critical data and allowing data to flow seamlessly between existing applications. With powerful automation capabilities, Smartsheet helps eliminate manual processes and errors, while streamlining workflows. This enables organizations to work smarter and free up time for innovation.

Scale with confidence

Smartsheet is the market-leading platform trusted by 90% of the Fortune 100. Backed by enterprise-grade security and built with best-in-class administrative controls. Smartsheet gives organizations full control over their critical data, allowing them to scale with reduced risk.


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Roche has increased productivity by 40%

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Paypal now sees 100% of the job from start to finish

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McGraw Hill has increased operating productivity by 50%

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